Natural Gas Fracking Causes Plunge in CO2 Emissions

Natural gas fracking, in which fluids are injected in a shale formation to force natural gas to the surface, has caused an economic boom in places such as the Eagle Ford formation in south Texas, according to CNBC. The natural gas fracking boom seems also to have fixed a situation that has vexed environmentalists, according to Investor’s Business Daily. The natural gas fracking boom has caused a plunge in CO2 output, down to 1990s levels.

The reason that CO2 output has plunged since 2007 is that cheap natural gas, brought about by the fracking boom, has begun to replace carbon dioxide emitting sources of energy such as coal. Power companies have eschewed building coal fired plants and have even retired old plants in favor of natural gas fueled power plants.
This environmental revolution has happened without cap and trade or any other heavy handed government mandate. CO2 emissions which are said to cause global warming have dropped because of the workings of the free market.

The environmental benefits to natural gas fracking have come with a dose of irony, mainly because the process has gotten a bad rap from environmentalists. The Austin American Statesman raised an alarm last year about alleged health and environmental effects of fracking in Eagle Ford, without actually offering any evidence that such existed. An HBO film called Gasland, which has been thoroughly debunked, blames fracking for a whole host of environmental disasters. A recent episode of the TNT crime drama Rizzoli and Isles demonized fracking as environmentally destructive, depicting the process as being conducted by criminals and mercenaries.

The link between CO2 emissions and climate change or global warming is controversial, to say the least. But if one believes in that sort of thing, one should embrace natural gas fracking as a solution to that alleged problem and not oppose it as environmentally harmful.

original article from LOGA News