45,000 Downhole Brushes Manufactured

Downhole brushes

ATS is pleased to announce that it manufactured and imported a company record 45,000, steel, stainless steel and synthetic downhole brushes (includes riser brushes) for its clients in 2012. The downhole brushes are used in brush scrapers, and brush tools. Sizes range from 1 inch to 8 inches. ATS manufactured brushes have been used in wells throughout the United States, the Middle East, Gulf of Mexico, South America, and Africa. When required, ATS will provide SENS documentation on all the down hole systems and components it manufactures for its clients as required by the client.

ATS does not have its own designs for brushes or any other components. We manufacture brushes, scraper blades, and casing scrapers, centralizers, and other components to our clients’ drawings and specifications so they are all proprietary by nature. ATS never shares proprietary information between clients. Some clients specify carburized blades; ATS has the ability to carburize blades in China, or can deliver the blades to the client for the process. If your company also needs compression springs as part of the assembly, ATS can provide compression springs as part of the order or separately. The process is straight forward.

  1. After ATS and your company sign a NDA, we develop appropriate quotes on products based on your drawings. Quotes are delivered prices to your destination.
  2. If the quotes are acceptable, ATS can deliver your products within 75 days after receiving a Purchase Order depending on quantity size. ATS has containers leaving China weekly that can easily accommodate less than container loads (LCL) Air freight is an option for more time critical orders.
  3. Purchase orders are Net 30 based on delivery.
  4. For some of the higher usage items such as brushes and centralizers, ATS can help you manage Just-in-Time (JIT) over an extended period which assures you of the availability of your brushes and centralizers, can provide price stability, manage cash flow, and control inventory time and costs.

ATS stands ready to supply brushes, scraper blades, and other components in order quantities to best fit your company’s circumstances. For information on quotes, quantities, and how we can help manage your inventories, please contact us at sales@amosstrading.com.